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Wix ADA Compliance, specifically web accessibility, is available through the SiteCompliance.io’s accessibility widget. Within minutes, increase the accessibility of your Wix website by installing SiteCompliance.io’s Accessibility Widget. 


Our widget works seamlessly right from the start on any websites built with Wix.


The SiteCompliance.io’s Accessibility Widget immediately aids your web accessibility needs by addressing major areas on your Wix website. SiteCompliance.io works perfectly on all templates inside of Wix.


Installing SiteCompliance.io’s Accessibility Widget for your collection of Wix websites is possible here at SiteCompliance.io. The widget is available based on the number of page loads your Wix website produces.


Bringing your websites into higher ADA Title III Web Compliance, as well as increased compliance with the Section 508 regulations, section 504 regulations, and maintaining WCAG 2.1 best practices, is our main goal here at SiteCompliance.IO because we see the heavy increase of lawsuits heading towards businesses due to non-compliance.

When you navigate over to the SiteCompliance.io’s pricing page, you’ll notice that each package varies based on “Page Loads”.


Starter Package Customers Get:

Up To 30,000 Page Loads Per Month


Professional Package Customers Get:

Up To 100,000 Page Loads Per Month


Premier Package Customers Get:

Up To 500,000 Page Loads Per Month

Yes. Page Loads Are Different From Normal Website “Traffic”.


Website “traffic” relates to the number of visitors you get to your website, but that visitor might go to more than one page while they are on your site, and every page they go to is considered a “page load” as the Accessibility Widget has to load on every page they visit.


For example, if your website gets 10,000 visits per month … and each visitor visits 3 pages on your website, that would equal 30,000 “page loads”. As such, 30,000 page loads is usually way more than enough for a typical small business website.

What If My Website Gets More Page Loads Than What My Package Allows?

If you believe that your website might go over it’s allotted page load limit for your specific Compliance Package, then please reach out to customer support and we will try to accommodate you.

However, If your website ends up getting more page loads than what your selected Compliance Package allows (see below), and you did not let us know first, then you will be charged for an additional 30,000 page loads at a rate of $83 which will allot you and extra 30,000 page loads for 30 days.

Wix ADA Compliance Within Minutes!

Our clients and customers are able to experience an accessibility increase within minutes of installation and provide powerful site enhancements for your users while at the same time, protecting your business from possible lawsuits and legal complaints.
SiteComplaince.io’s accessibility widget aids in website accessibility related to ADA, Section 508 and other regulations, such as the WCAG 2.1 AA requirements.

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