Attention: Medical Practice Owners

If you believe that ADA accessibility regulations don’t apply to your medical website, think again.

The Health Care Industry is of major importance to Americans living with a disability, therefore ADA Title III Non-Compliance could land your practice in front of countless serious fines and lawsuits!

Don’t Believe Us?

Here are 4 Major Health Care companies that made headlines because of the lawsuits filed against their ADA non-compliant websites ….

Wellpoint, Inc.

HCA Holdings, Inc.

Tenet Healthcare

CAC Florida Medical Centers

If your medical practice is not ADA Title III Web Compliant, you risk losing beneficial contracts, funding, assistance from local AND federal governments.

Don’t ruin your medical practice’s reputation and credibility as a healthcare facility due to ADA Website Non-Compliance!

You’ll immediately cut your practice off from a population that is numbered more than 25 million in the US alone.

Medical Practice Owners: Staying one step ahead of compliance regulations by qualifying for assistance from JBM Medical Group, will help you keep revenue-hemorrhaging ADA lawsuits and possible decisions against your practice at bay.

Yes! My Medical Practice Needs
ADA Website Compliance ASAP!

The Verified Member Website Badge

When visitors see a website with the Verified Member Website Badge proudly displayed on it, it tells them that the website is part of a Special Community of businesses who are leading the charge in helping to make the web a fair and equal experience for everyone. It also shows the website visitor that the website they are on, is using the Accessibility Widget, allowing those with disabilities an easy, enjoyable, and equal browsing experience! Website Verification Badge - Website Compliance. Made Easy!

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