The Executive Team


Founder and CEO

Jeremiah Onciu is the Founder and CEO of and leads the Strategic Development, Vision, Market Strategy, and Strategic Partner Development for the Company.

*He was also the main contributor, and absolutely responsible, for getting the entire company addicted to Nespresso … and is 100% ok with that.


Chief Systems Officer

Breyon Bradford is the Chief Systems Officer of He runs and maintains the Company’s operational systems, develops and implements new back-end and client-facing systems, and manages key aspects of the operational infrastructure.


Chief Financial Officer

Steven Hedden has brought his years of experience as a CFO for several major US corporations to the team. Steve is in charge of all Financial Operations of the Company. In essence … Steve makes sure Jeremiah doesn’t spend all our money on Espresso, so we can all get paid. We like Steve. Be more like Steve. - Website Compliance. Made Easy!

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