Our Mission:

Our mission at SiteCompliance.io is to help bridge the gap between people with disabilities and the online business world. We live in a day and age where browsing the internet is an integral aspect of every day life. However, tens-of-millions of people in the USA alone, are unable to experience the web, and browse the websites of their favorite brands, Health Care Professionals, and local businesses, because the websites of these businesses have not been made accessible to them.

At SiteCompliance.io we aim to help business owners make their websites far more accessible to the users who need it most, Which serves a two-fold purpose.

First, we are helping the Disabled Community to gain equal and fair access to more websites, because now these websites will have the technology to service the needs of the majority of disabilities that inhibit the use of normal websites.

The second, is that business owners, by stepping up and making the changes necessary to provide that fair and equal access to their websites, will gain access to a whole new buyer market.

It is a win-win scenario for both the disabled community and the business/website owners. But it only works if everyone works together, and if the business/website owners are able to make their websites Digitally Accessible in an affordable way.

At SiteCompliance.io we are proud to be able to offer our technology to these business/website owners, and let our technology help bring most websites up to 90% compliance with the ADA Title III Digital Accessibility Laws … quickly, easily, and affordably.

Our dedicated team of Accessibility Experts are always working to improve our Accessibility Widget and it’s amazing Auto-Remediation technology. We hope you will take a look around our site, learn more about this issue and our solution, and give us a chance to earn your business.

Meet Our Team:

Roman-Alexander Wellington

Founder & CEO

Mr. Wellington is the Founder and CEO of SiteCompliance.io and leads the Strategic Development, Vision, Market Strategy, and Strategic Partner Development for the Company.

*He was also the main contributor, and absolutely responsible, for getting the entire company addicted to Nespresso … and is 100% ok with that.

Roman Alexander Wellington
Breyon Bradford

Breyon Bradford

Chief Systems and Technology Officer

Breyon Bradford is the Chief Systems and Technology Officer of SiteCompliance.io. He runs and maintains the Company’s operational systems, develops and implements new backend and client facing systems, and manages key aspects of the operational infrastructure.

Steve Hedden

Chief Financial Officer

Steven Hedden has brought his years of experience as a CFO for several major US corporations to the SiteCompliance.io team. Steve is in charge of all Financial Operations of the Company. In essence … Steve makes sure Jeremiah doesn’t spend all our money on Espresso, so we can all get paid. We like Steve. Be more like Steve.

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