Is Your Website Breaking Web Accessibility Laws?

Did you know that a recent Supreme Court decision has made it clear, and the Department of Justice has affirmed … your website must be ADA Title III Compliant! Local Business Websites, E-Commerce Stores, Blogs, Etc. … all websites must be made accessible to users with disabilities … which comprises of more than 80 Million Americans!

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Where We Save Your Business Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Lawsuits, By Helping You Bring Your Website Into
Compliance With The Requisite ADA Title III Standards



Did you know that if your website is not ADA Title III Web Compliant, you risk fines of up to $55,000+ for the first offense alone and as much as $110,000 or more for subsequent violations?







1 Lawsuit Per Hour

1 Lawsuit Per Hour


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Using the Auto-Remediation Technology, you can bring your website up-to
90% compliance … in 5-Minutes or less!

Copy One Line Of Code

All you have to do is copy and paste a single line of code onto your website (we show you how – no developer required!)

Activate Your Accessibility Widget

Once you have pasted the line of code onto your website, our Accessibility Widget will instantly appear on all your web-pages, granting a multitude of Accessibility Features!

Publish Your Accessibility Statement

Your website is required to have an Accessibility Statement outlining the steps your website is taking to increase Accessibility. We already created this statement for you. All you have to do is copy and paste into your website!

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An Absolute Flood Of Lawsuits
Is About To Hit U.S. Business Owners…

  • As businesses and website owners everywhere are quickly finding out thanks to the absolute wave of ADA WEBSITE COMPLIANCE LAWSUITS seen over the last three years, the governing laws under ADA Title III, as well as the mandates of Section 508 and Section 504, now IRREFUTABLY COVER WEBSITES.
  • Website owners, who do not take immediate and affirmative action to bring their websites into compliance (or as much into compliance as possible) with these laws and mandates are leaving themselves wide open to lawsuits, and POTENTIALLY MASSIVE SETTLEMENT PAYOUTS!
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2019 Saw A 300% Rise In ADA Website Compliance Lawsuits...

It’s estimated that in 2019 alone, over 10,000 Lawsuits and 40,000+ Demand Letters, were filed against business owners in almost every industry you could imagine. In fact, by only the middle of 2019, there was one new ADA website compliance lawsuit being filed, every hour!

  • And a huge percentage of these cases were settled out of court in an average of only 60 days, simply because most legal counsel will advise that in these types of cases, it would be cheaper (sometimes massively cheaper) to settle out of court, thus allowing their clients to use the funds they saved by not dealing with a prolonged court case, to immediately take remedial action to bring their sites into Compliance … before they get sued again.
  • Web accessibility is the inclusive practice of ensuring there are no barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to, websites on the World Wide Web by people with physical disabilities, situational disabilities, and socio-economic restrictions on bandwidth and speed.
  • Bringing business websites into compliance is our main goal here at SiteCompliance.IO. We see the onslaught of lawsuits heading towards local businesses due to non-compliance, and it is our aim to bring these websites into Compliance fast!

The 2019 Supreme Court Decision,

and What It Means For You…

On October 7th, 2019 the United States Supreme Court declined to review the Ninth Circuit’s Decision in the
case of Robles vs. Domino’s, leaving the Ninth Circuit’s decision intact.

The Supreme Court’s decision held that:

  • Title III of the ADA covers websites with a nexus to a physical place of public accommodation
  • Imposing liability on businesses for not having an accessible website does not violate the due process rights of public accommodations even in the absence of website accessibility regulations.

The Supreme Court’s decision—as well as the DOJ’s current stance—means that the onslaught of lawsuits against small and large businesses alike, in almost every industry, has only just begun.

Facing this unprecedented litigation risk, companies must take immediate steps to minimize the likelihood of facing this litigation, due to the inaccessibility of their website.

Platform Integrations

Our Accessibility Widget Uses Advanced Auto-Remediation Technology That
Integrates With Almost Any Web-Platform!

  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Hubspot
  • Dreamweaver
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Webflow
  • Moodle
  • Tilda
  • Umbraco
  • Squarespace
  • Duda
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Weebly
  • PrestaShop
  • Adobe Muse
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify

The Verified Member Website Badge

When visitors see a website with the Verified Member Website Badge proudly displayed on it, it tells them that the website is part of a Special Community of businesses who are leading the charge in helping to make the web a fair and equal experience for everyone. It also shows the website visitor that the website they are on, is using the Accessibility Widget, allowing those with disabilities an easy, enjoyable, and equal browsing experience! Website Verification Badge
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ATTN: All Business Owners!

Urgent Implications of the Coronavirus On Web-Accessibility Lawsuits:

  • Due to the Coronavirus forcing people to stay home and self-quarantine, as well as the fear of going out in public right now, people are now opting (en-mass) to visit the websites of businesses … over going to the physical locations.
  • This has caused a near-instant increase in the number of visitors going to the websites of local businesses, and as such, has seriously increased the ADA Web Non-Compliance risks that business owners were already facing when it came to having non-compliant websites!
  • There are an estimated 25 million people in the US with a disability, and now a vast majority of those people have no other choice but to visit websites of the businesses they frequent.
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Website Accessibility And The CoronaVirus Doesn’t End There!

These people are already angry and scared … so just imagine how they will react when they can’t use your website when they need it most because it is not accessible to them… Predatory law firms now have the perfect storm they have been waiting for (thanks to the effects the CoronaVirus has had on the public psyche), to go ahead and start mass-filing lawsuits and complaints against business websites that are not accessible to users with a disability!

  • It’s estimated that one new lawsuit is being filed per hour against non-compliant websites … and that was BEFORE the CoronaVirus forced everyone to stay home, and caused mass surges in website traffic.
  • All it takes is only one single complaint from someone with a disability … who was unable to use your website while they were quarantined at home, or worse, were at home because they got laid off due to their work closing down …. and you could be facing up to $55,000 in fines – from the first offense alone!
  • And that’s just potential fines. The average SETTLEMENT (paid in addition to those fines) in 2019 … was estimated to be $25,000+ per lawsuit. One of the 25-Million + people with a disability could be trying to use your inaccessible site, right now … and you wouldn’t even know it … Don’t become the target of an easy lawsuit …. just because you didn’t get your website compliant ….. before it was too late

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